1917 Type I Standing Liberty Quarter, Slabbed & Graded MS 63 Full Head PCGS

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1917 Type I Standing Liberty Quarter

Slabbed & Graded MS 63 Full Head PCGS

The Standing Liberty Quarter Dollar initially was designed by Hermon A. MacNeil to include a bare-breasted Liberty, this design was short lived though when it's, scandalous for the time, design proved to be much too daring for some influential individuals. Liberty's modesty was once again restored when a change to the design was forced in 1917 and she was covered up with a coat of mail. At the same time the problem of Liberty's immodesty was addressed the reverse design was also re-worked with the eagle being moved more to the center of the coin and three of the thirteen stars that used to be on the sides now placed beneath the majestic bird. One final major change was made in 1925 when the dates on the coins were recessed to give them more protection from wear which had been an issue with the original coins.

Well struck examples are the most desirable and much attention is focused on Liberty's head.  So-called "Full Head" examples (those with complete details) often bring considerable premiums over poorly struck examples, but attention should also be paid to the rivets on the shield.  Any coin with a Full Head and full rivets is a true prize.  Mintmarks on this type ("D" for Denver or "S" for San Francisco) appear on the obverse just to the left of, and slightly above, the date.  The small M that appears to the right of the date is the designer's initial.

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